Should You Refinance During A Remodel?

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021 – On today’s segment, Debbie brings in Loan Officer and Real-Estate Agent Heather Barkley-Kilpatrick to discuss important topics. They start off the show by answering comments and questions “live.” Debbie states that her show is FREE and that the goal of her show is to get her audience and clients educated on the Mortgage & Loan industry.

Debbie also makes an important announcement that her company is NOT affiliated with Movement Mortgage any longer for they are now with JMJ Financial. To avoid confusion and solicitation, Debbie asks that her audience members and clients should always contact her directly.

They talk about Bank Statement Loans and how beneficial that program can be for people that are self-employed.

Debbie explains a recent incident they had with a client after all the leg work had been done on the client’s loan. The story goes: The house the client was trying to buy was in complete shambles, but nobody knew that until the loan was on the verge of getting processed. Unfortunately, the client neglected to bring up the condition of the house. This situation can tie the hands of the lender. This incident also brings up the subject of Renovation Loans and how important it is for clients to always be upfront with their buying plans. Debbie claims that even if the house needs minimal remodeling, this needs to be disclosed to the lender. Debbie and her team will always lead her clients down the proper path if the clients are upfront and honest about their situation.

Debbie and Heather say that it is always a good time to buy, especially if you are buying a home to live in it. Real-estate is for the long term.

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