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Conventional Home Mortgages – Watch Mom Expl...

What is a conventional mortgage loan? What is the difference between conventional, jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA, what do all of these acronyms mean? Watch our short video to understand conventional loans and call us with your questions, 844-935-3634! Our phones are answered live 24 hours a day. Would you like to be a guest on […]

What determines your home mortgage interest rate?

Do you know what determines your interest rate? Did you know that if you plan to buy a condominium that your rate will most likely be higher than someone purchasing a single family residence? There are many variables that play a part in the interest rate that you are quoted from a lending institution. Understanding […]

Check Out Our New Mortgage Website and We Announce...

WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! We have upgraded the Free Tools and Personal Service that we can offer to you. Go to Today we announced our next HOME BUYER WORKSHOP! Go to our events page to see pictures of previous events and purchase tickets for September 9, 2018 workshop in Riverside/San Bernardino. The workshop is […]

Market Update – May 11, 2018

Oil prices continue to move higher after Trump calls off Iran deal By Greg Richardson – EVP of Capital Markets Let’s talk about oil this week. President Donald Trump set off a chain reaction this week in the oil markets when he pulled out of 2015 Iran-nuclear deal and reinstated sanctions on the Middle East nation. […]

What determines your interest rate and credit repa...

Today we talked about our Home Buyer Workshop last Sunday, and recapped some of the great questions that we received from attendees! We also discussed what determines your rate and how personal that it is to you. You cannot trust a commercial that you hear on the radio or on t.v. Call us for your […]