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Meet the latest addition to my team: Alex Wilson!

Meet the latest addition to my team: Alex Wilson! Alex will be filling in for me while I am away, answering your phone calls, emails and text messages. Let’s test her knowledge and answer some of your texts! How do you get through to Mom? Email is a fantastic way to get through to the […]

The Federal Reserve: Cutting the Prime Rate?

Big news coming from The Federal Reserve tomorrow. What does this mean to you as a homeowner, and a homebuyer? We’ll find out how mortgage interest rates are affected. The announcement happens on July 31. What does that mean for you? Go back and listen to my podcasts this past week for all of the […]

Pointers from Anna in Fountain Valley

Real estate is for the long haul, and even if property values go down, its an important investment.  We get your phone calls! Here’s one from Anna in Fountain Valley, listen to her stories and how her advice could benefit you as well! How do you get through to Mom? Email is a fantastic way to […]

Switching employers, switching jobs, how does this...

If you’re thinking about switching careers, will if affect your homeownership options? Can you make the change during your purchase or refinance transaction? Don’t forget to call Mom first! How do you get through to Mom? Email is a fantastic way to get through to the Mortgage Mom! Text messages and phone calls are great […]

The first Fed rate cut in 10 years: What does this...

This past week, Fed Chair Jerome Powell reaffirmed the Federal Reserve’s dovish position as he testified on Capitol Hill, thereby paving the way for the first Fed rate cut in 10 years later this month. Mr. Powell used the word “uncertainties” five times in his prepared speech to describe potential headwinds to the U.S. economy. […]

A Streamline Refinance is FANTASTIC but what about...

Do you have a question that you would like to ask me? You too can always text MOM to 474747 and ask your questions as well! In this episode, we received text messages about a homeowner moving out of state, I give FHA and VA refinance details, and I explain the magic of streamlined refinances. […]

Divorce debt

I receive numerous text messages and phone calls weekly that are focused around divorce. One question received this week was in regards to the other spouse being responsible for debt that didn’t get paid. Does this affect the outcome of applying for a mortgage? Are there ways around the damaged credit score due to your […]

Closing costs for first time buyers

If your in the market to buy a home and wondering what closing costs are and how much that they will be, check out my YouTube Channel. I have a workshop that is specific to closing costs for a new home purchase. WATCH NOW Looking to refinance and want to know about the closing costs […]

Should I refinance my 4.625% interest rate?

Is an interest rate at 4.625% too high? It truly depends on your scenario. There are so many factors that go into the interest rate available to you. Before you make a phone call to receive a quote, have the following information ready to relay to me or the lender that you call: Current Mortgage […]

Homebuyer Workshop 201: Finding the right real est...

Make the first step towards owning your own home today! Your home purchase and the equity that you create with help to build your financial future! Workshop 201 focuses on Finding the right real estate agent for you and your family. Learn what those important questions are that you should be asking to identify the […]