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What Is Mortgage Mom Radio? What services do we provide?

6/29/2022 Mortgage Mom Radio provides you with a new podcast, YouTube, and Radio Show weekly. It’s FREE education and FREE consultations! How did we get started? Why do we do this? What services do we provide that you can chose to work with us directly? Tune in to learn more about Debbie Marcoux and her […]

What is a Notice of Default? What happens next?

6/27/2022 Many homeowners have recently received a Notice of Default, why now? For more than two years, the federal government and has put a moratorium on foreclosures. Meaning, if someone was behind prior to the pandemic, they could not be foreclosed on. Many became behind due to the pandemic and as stated, there was nothing […]

The Fed Meeting and Inflation – Tips to help budget!

6/13/2022 This week the Fed is due to announce the next Federal Funds or Federal Prime Rate increase. It has been previously mentioned that every 6 weeks the fed plans to increase the rate by .50%. This time, before the meeting began, it was hinted that we would see an increase of .75%. This in […]

Homebuyer Workshop

06/02/2022 Today we talked all about our upcoming homebuyer workshop. We are super excited to see you both in person and virtually. Listen to the show, get your free tickets, and get yourself ready to become homeowners! Homebuyer Workshop RSVP Book your free phone consultation today, BOOK NOW We are LIVE on YOUTUBE every Monday […]

New Home Equity Lines of Credit and Fixed Rate Loans Now Available!

5/27/2022 We are now offering: Home Equity Lines of Credit – Home Equity Loans – Bridge Loans This is fantastic when you have a really low interest rate on your current mortgage but you are looking to take cash out for home improvements or debt consolidation. Bridge loans offer you a way to get the […]

Workshops, Buy Downs, Adjustables – Recap Of Previous Episodes

5/25/2022 Today I continued to review all of our new loan programs and announcements that we have had since the beginning of the year. We touched base once again regarding the following: Homebuyer and Homeowner Workshop available dates Interest Rate Buy Downs vs Buying Down Your Interest Rate Adjustable Rate Mortgages USDA Loan Programs Home […]

New Market – New Loan Programs!

5/14/2022 Today was a re-cap of new programs announced over the last 6 weeks as well as Workshops that we’ve announced. Lock and Shop Program Earnest Money Insurance Program (Don’t lose your earnest money, let us insure it) Homeowner Workshop – Are you thinking about selling your home, moving out of state, possibly behind on […]

New! In-Person Workshops Available – RSVP Today!

5/10/2022 Restrictions are gone and we’re ready to get back to in-person business! We will once again be offering Homebuyer Workshops as well as Homeowner Workshops in person. I’m super excited to announce that we will be offering two workshops coming up in the month of June. June 4, 2022 – Our first ever, Homeowner […]

Forbearance Is Over, What Now?

4/26/2022 Is your loan currently in forbearance but you have not yet reached out to the bank to get back on track or rectify the balance due? Today we discussed the current situation of the US in regards to the amount of homeowners who had put their loan in forbearance at the beginning of the […]

Our New Lock and Shop Program!

4/18/2022 Today we announced our New Lock and Shop Program! What does this mean? Exactly what it sounds like. You can now lock in an interest rate while you shop. You do not need to have an address identified or be under contract. Learn more by listening to today’s episode. Call us for additional details […]