Holiday Shopping. Should you buy now pay later?
Radio Host / Mortgage Educator / Loan Originator
Debbie Marcoux Radio Host / Mortgage Educator / Loan Originator
Published on December 9, 2021

Holiday Shopping. Should you buy now pay later?

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

On today’s segment, Debbie and Heather discuss important trending topics in the Mortgage and Lending industry. At the top of the show, Debbie mentions how the format of the show will be changing a bit, including more of her team coming onto the show. She will be hosting 3 live stream’s per week on YouTube, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Rather than one, one hour stream per week, they will be shorter 20 minute or less segments. This should provide easier to watch content, and additional days available for live interaction to accommodate your schedules.

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Heather and Debbie discuss trending economic “Holiday Season” topics. One of the main topics they focus on is the “Buy Now Pay Later” trend i.e. Klarna and Afterpay. They explain the details of how those services work and how important it is to know what you are getting into when using them.

They go on to talk about how refinancing your home (pulling cash out) could benefit you to pay off those high interest rate credit cards, medical debts, student loans, as well as the buy now pay later agreements. Heather brings up a great example of how you can bring your credit card balances to $0, save money on your monthly cash flow, while paying down your loan quicker by adding additional money to your payment.

Debbie explains that reviewing a Blended Rate Calculation with all debts that you own will prove that sometimes paying off the debt and refinancing into a higher rate may make sense. The math does not lie, so why not see the calculation to determine if it is right for you? Book your free phone consultation today on!

Debbie says that EVERYONE should be trying to buy a home right now, especially with inflation on the rise.

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