VA Cash Out Refinance to 100%
Radio Host / Mortgage Educator / Loan Originator
Debbie Marcoux Radio Host / Mortgage Educator / Loan Originator
Published on August 13, 2021

VA Cash Out Refinance to 100%

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

Tons of great questions from today’s show, both through YouTube comments and phone calls! Here is a brief rundown from the show this week.

A caller asks Debbie why she decided to create Mortgage Mom Radio? Debbie answers and talks with Heidi about their friendship and how she twisted her arm to be on air.

Debbie and Heidi then take a call LIVE on air with an audience member with some important questions. The caller asks about a rate quote she received from another lender that sounded too good to be true. Debbie and Heidi are there to answer everything in detail, hence giving the caller great direction. After analyzing this call, Debbie points out the ongoing trend of solicitation when it comes to loan opportunities from other lenders. She urges her audience to ALWAYS call in or go to the website and make an appointment with the MMR Team. It’s the best way for clients and audience members to receive the correct information and make the best decisions for themselves with knowledge.

Debbie and Heidi answer more questions LIVE and through social media. The question they always get is: “When is it a good time to buy?” They both agree that it’s always a good time to buy, but not always a good time to sell. Heidi says that right now rates are still low and it’s always better to own something than to rent, especially because rental costs are “insane in every state!” Debbie drills down on the benefit of owning a home versus renting a home when it comes to tax write offs and other long-term benefits. They go on to talk property types, loan to values, credit scores, debt to income ratios and how all these elements affect people differently depending on their background and financial status. “Every situation is different, so call in today!” They say!

Debbie talks about the benefits of the MMR phone App and the new “official” Mortgage Mom Radio Store where you can purchase beer stein/mugs, wine glasses and tumblers. They’ve got beach bags, hats, T-shirts and more!

Debbie reminds her listeners that she is NOT affiliated with Movement Mortgage and that they have been trying to solicit her previous clients by claiming to be working with her and her team. This is clearly a blatant misrepresentation because the solicitors are using Debbie’s name. VERY IMPORTANT: Reach out and contact Mortgage Mom directly, ALWAYS and for everything, even if you get an e-mail saying it’s from Debbie!

Debbie and Heidi move on to talk about VA Cash Out Loans and how 90% financing is the norm right now even though 100% can be available for these types of loans. They take a deep dive on how to get to that 100%. The bottom line, 100% is available and you can obtain the cash you are looking for if you are a veteran. If you have been told that you are limited to 90% then call our team.

Debbie then clarifies that questions from clients and audience members NEED to be sent through e-mail and NOT through TEXT. Clients and audience members must text the word “MOM” to the phone number 844-935-3634 (WE LEND 4 U) to get the phone app and links to watch each live show.

Debbie also announces that her team will be moving back into office space this week, which they are very excited about.

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