Points vs No Points
Radio Host / Mortgage Educator / Loan Originator
Debbie Marcoux Radio Host / Mortgage Educator / Loan Originator
Published on June 10, 2021

Points vs No Points

On today’s segment, Debbie brings in real-estate agent and childhood friend Heather Barkley-Kilpatrick to discuss various topics. Debbie also talks with her son (and high-ranking gamer) Mikey about the details of the online gaming world since she is officially sponsoring that part of the industry. Heather chimes in on the subject and points out how lucrative that business has become in recent years while Mikey relates the gaming industry to the world of sports and what the similarities and differences are. This further fuels Debbie’s ongoing determination to one day do a loan with one of these gamers.

Debbie expresses on how her show is tailored to bringing education to her listeners and how important that is. She reveals her various referral partners ranging from insurance agents, realtors and home inspectors. Heather drills down on the subject of referral partners with specifics when she talks about bidding, repairs, contractors, roof inspectors, plumbing inspectors and finding a handyman. Debbie takes the opportunity to express how personable and reachable her team is at all times in all home-buying relations. Debbie and Heather then discuss how the rates this week specifically are going up and down and how important it is to get prepared when doing a re-finance or purchasing a home, especially when locking in a rate. They even talk a little bit about Bitcoin and how things that are happening in the world currently do impact the interest rates.

Debbie then urges the importance of future home-buyers to be upfront and honest about their credit scores, especially when getting an accurate quote for their loan. She states that going through the credit report with her clients can enhance benefits to these future home-buyers in the long run due to her leveraging talents and years of experience. Debbie gives examples and scenarios of various options she can juggle through with her clients in order to get to a successful decision.

Debbie is consistently asking the audience to be interactive on her show, especially because of the potential of bringing up points that can be discussed more in detail.

Heather and Debbie reminisce on the 80’s, their childhood experience together and subjects of hairstyles, clothing styles and make-up.

Debbie clearly considers her team-members as “family” and the importance of working with them.

Both Debbie and Heather jump back on the subject of loans. They talk about paying points for a loan, conventional loans and other scenarios to help further educate the audience. Education for their audience is their goal. Education from Mortgage Mom Radio is free, so “book an appointment and get educated” says Debbie, even if the client may be going through a competitor lender. It doesn’t matter because they are here to help you. Debbie also gives more scenarios on how dropping mortgage insurance will save the client money. Heather also points out how she was able to combine a first and second loan for a client and save them a “ton of money,” including dropping their mortgage insurance. She also says that because of her client calling in with a goal, Heather was able to analyze the goal and give even better options than what the client first embarked on. Debbie discloses to her audience that they can now make appointments on weekends, which is a positive game-changer for her clients. Heather sympathizes with the potential clients that have random schedules, and drills down on Debbie’s point of being open during the weekends.

 They get on the topic of loan modifications, deferments, forbearances and how Covid enabled these options. Debbie talks about how her team can strategically help with refinancing due to forbearances and deferments. Debbie and Heather bring up three important points: #1 – Hold on to your loan modification paperwork because that is “golden.” #2 – Make an appointment so they can see your situation and help you with it. #3 – Refinancing does NOT show up on your credit report, only on your title report. Debbie makes the point that interest rates are currently still good. She emphasizes the importance of people calling in and or commenting during the show to keep the interaction and education flowing. Debbie is excited about her phone App and Toll-Free number soon allowing text messages, which will create more interaction with her audience and potential clients.