Real Estate is for the long haul, it’s not a short term investment!

This week Mortgage Mom Radio covered the following topics:

  • Fun Stuff – The Time Change
  • Almost half of renters say that they have trouble paying for living expenses. This is a higher percentage than homeowners.
  • Real Estate is for the long haul! Buy in a price that you can afford, love it, live in it, plant your roots, and stay! When your ready, buy another. Don’t sell your home, rent it out!
  • Rent vs. Own
  • Cost of Waiting
  • We took numerous questions from listeners. Did someone ask the question that you had in mind? Listen to learn!
  • Listing Spotlight – We pulled our favorite three properties of the week based on price, location, square footage, etc. You can see those listings on our Facebook page as well.


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